Programa de Mejora de la Información y Procedimientos de los Bancos Centrales en el Área de Remesas

International Remittances in El Salvador

Description: Public descriptive document of the remittance market in El Salvador, including: economic context, the institutional and legal framework of this market; characteristics of the issuers, of the recipients and providers of remittances, the means and channels of payment; costs of remittance, disclosure, transparency and consumer protection, as well as the methodology for the measurement of these flows.

Keywords: Remittances in El Salvador, Remittances measurement in El Salvador, Description of the remittances market in El Salvador, Economic and remittances market background in El Salvador, Legal and institutional framework of the remittances market in El Salvador, Characteristics of senders and receivers of remittances from and to El Salvador, Means and channels of payments for remittances in El Salvador, Cost and access to the remittances market in El Salvador, Remittances market structure in El Salvador, Methodology for the measurement of remittances in El Salvador, Transparency and disclosure of remittances data in El Salvador, Consumer protection in the remittances market in El Salvador, Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador.

Topic: Remittances.

Product type: Product Knowledge.

Product subtype: Technical Publications.

Product Creation Date: November 2008.

Product format: Document

Author: CEMLA, IADB/MIF, Bank of the Republic, René Maldonado Gonzáles, Enrique Montes Uribe, María Mercedes Collazos Gaitán, et al.